Hi. Thanks for the Visit!

You guessed it, I’m a Communication Designer, or so my degree from the University of North Texas says, as well as my job title of lead UX designer at Square 205. Yup, I do all of that nerdy design stuff: research and analysis, information architecture, user flows, wire framing, blah blah blah…  and then I get to create pretty pictures and marks.

Outside of the design world you can catch me at UTSA football games screaming until my throat hurts, dreaming about a new drum set, playing with my drones, listening to old school hip-hop, and reading anything history related.  You can blame that last part on my previous career with National Archives and LBJ Foundation and Political Science Degree from UTSA.

Anyway, enough about me, how may I assist you with my awesome powers?  Or, perhaps you want to strike up a conversation about Power 5s versus the Group of 5 in college football?  Hell, have you ever heard of President Johnson’s Haggar slacks telephone conversation?  It’s friggin hilarious!

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