UNT approached Square 205 with a unique opportunity that pushed us beyond a typical rebrand, but additional environmental design for their ice cream stand.

The easy solution would be to just change out signage throughout the stand.  However, when we visited the site we noticed there was not foot traffic.  Could the new storefront also help bring attention to the store and increase traffic.

The Challenge: Visibility

Scrappy’s is located in a large convenience store where there are snacks, drinks and other foods filling the store, tall pillars, and large sandwich chain directly across from it competing for customer attention.

Full store layout

The Solution: Aim high

After several rounds of ideation I focused on the ceiling above the stand area, and approached the idea of a large soffit that would have the new branding.  This would draw customers eyes because it would stand above most visual obstructions and it would help control the light from the windows.   I would then work with my co-designer on the project create the final visual design concept.


Soffit and Stand Sketch
Soffit and Stand Concept Design

Final Design and Install

We were very pleased, along with UNT, on the final product.  It was vibrant and eye catching – exactly what they needed to draw in more customers from the heat of Texas.

Soffit and menus installed
Additional hand painted background